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Our strategic planning process defines where you want to go and how you'll get there on a few pages


Applicable to:        All types of organizations

Elapsed time required to complete process:                           4-5 months

Level of involvement required from management team:     High


  • Are you looking to deliver breakthrough results?

  • Would your business go farther by focusing on fewer, bigger ideas, projects, markets, and customers?

  • Would you be able to better manage your business with clear and measurable objectives, goals, strategies and measures?


Our process is a proven and structured approach for developing three-year strategic and business plans.  It begins by assessing your organization's culture.  This is a critical step, because when it's skipped, we find that the strategies that are developed tend to sit on the shelf.


Two of our senior partners/advisors will then facilitate a process that challenges the status quo and leads to a consensus on the strategic imperatives for your business.  We will help you do the following:


  • Discover the strengths of your organization's culture and the aspects of it that are impeding your progess

  • Understand the business' Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT analysis)

  • Develop an OGSM, which is short for Objectives, Goals, Strategies, and Measures.  It is during this phase of our process that the tough choices are made on what you will stop, start and continue doing, decide what success looks like, define who will do what and agree on when they'll get it done by

  • Prepare preventative action and contingency plans

  • Create a plan for gaining buy-in and communicating the OGSM up, down and across the organization


The plan is only worth the paper it is printed on until it is implemented.  Since execution is always the toughest part of this process, we will be available to help you develop detailed implementation plans, hold others accountable for their commitments and track your progress.

Three questions you will need to answer as part of our process are:

  • Who wants change?

  • Who wants to change?

  • Who will lead the change?

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