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Setting Leaders Up For Success


Applicable to:        Privately-held manufacturers, wholesalers,

                                distributors, and professional services firms

Elapsed time required to complete process:                           8-12 weeks

Level of involvement required from management team:     Medium


Have you tried to fix your problem(s) at least once and haven't gotten the result you wanted or needed?  Can you afford another failure? 


Have you just appointed a new board member, CEO, COO, or Division GM?  Are you asking yourself these questions:

  • "How much impact do I want this new leader to have on the business?"

  • "How long do I want to wait until I see it?"


Given the high expectations, stakes, and risks, getting an executive up to speed quickly and focusing his or her team on delivering against a few strategic imperatives, is a top priority of owners, board members, leaders, investors, lenders, employees, and customers.  In addition to the tangible sign of failure (i.e., losing money), it's usually accompanied by a sense of loss of self-esteem and social status.


Our strategic, cultural, and business operations diagnostics reveal perceptions, assumptions, misalignment, and areas that require attention.  Our goal is to understand your business as well as, if not better, than you do.  Armed with these fact-based insights, we work with leaders and their teams to develop concensus and commitment to clearly defined objectives, goals, tactics, and measures to increase business value. Taking advantage of our hands-on implementation support further improves the odds for success.

You can probably do all of this yourself.  But, do you have the time to do it quickly, objectively, and thoroughly?  We do.

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