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Go farther, grow faster with our client loyalty assessments


Applicable to:      Professional services firms and B2B companies

Elapsed time required to complete process:                           3 months

Level of involvement required from management team:     Low


Do you know the answers to these questions:

  • How much money are you leaving on the table for your competitors?

  • How well do you know the strategic issues facing your clients?

  • How confident are you that your clients know the many ways you add value to their business?

  • How many service providers do your clients use that do what you do?  How do you to compare to them?

  • How can you be so sure?


Our client loyalty assessments take you beyond client satisfaction by answering these questions and more.  They will:

  • Accelerate organic growth by showing you with certainty and specificity what your clients value most, who will refer you to others and the additional services your clients need (that you probably offer).

  • Improve client retention by revealing which relationships need to be strengthened or saved.

  • Increase your win rate by being able to reflect in your proposals the verbatims and insights gained from current clients about what compelled them to retain your firm in the first place and stay with you for the long term.

  • Identify which clients will be ambassadors for your firm and which are most vulnerable to the advances of your competitors.

  • Prompt changes in behaviors and processes by revealing gaps in perceptions between your clients and the people serving them and breaking a sense of complacency with the status quo.


Strengthen just one relationship, secure one new client or sell one additional service to a current client and our assessment more than pays for itself.

There is just one question you have to ask yourself:

Do you have the courage to ask your clients what they think?

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