December 29, 2015

See if you can quickly answer these questions:


  • What would happen if one of your key leaders went away?

  • What if your most prized client left?

  • What if your system was hacked?

  • What if everybody from an entire line of service suddenly quit?

  • What if...

December 21, 2015



The Titanic sinking.

The fall of the Soviet Union.


Did anyone see any of these events coming?


Doubtful. That’s why these and others like them are referred to as “Black Swan” events.


A Black Swan has three characteristics:


  • It is unprecedented in human history

  • ...

December 7, 2015

A good friend of mine who is a management psychologist, Gail Golden, has often talked about the power and difference of using “We” as opposed to “You.” This is never more apparent than when a new leader comes aboard a company and uses phrases such as, “At my old compan...

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