August 30, 2015



In our last post, we spoke to how remaining relevant in the work environment through continuous learning and exposure to new things is a key element in controlling your own fate and being happy.


Still, just because you’re positioned to be relevant to the org...

August 23, 2015

In the workplace, it’s important to remember that all are created differently in that not everyone is going to have the same ambitions. We assume sometimes that everyone wants to move up in the organization. That’s not always the case. What people generally want mo...

August 16, 2015

Leaders call us at Value Drivers when they have problems with growth, profitability, recruiting and retention. But they also call us when they are in a new role of leadership and don’t know exactly how to push for change.


Let’s say you’ve been promoted to a very visibl...

August 9, 2015

When speaking with professional services firms about one of their clients, I’ll often hear, “We’ve got a good relationship with that company.”


That may very well be true. However, how deep of a relationship is it? Can you quantify that connection better through an actu...

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